Sunday, 23 May 2010

Slice of Americana

Frank and Ronnie took us out to the ball park today - our first major league baseball game ever:

Junior at bat:


That's the extent of the ball players I recognize.... Anyway, we had seven dollar bleacher seats with great views but of course to get the true feel for the experience one needs to spend a boat load of cash on food and beverage:

Mmmmm... traditional food offerings:

Exiting the game. As a side note to our awesome experience, the Mariners lost to the Padres 8-1 (apparently not all that an unusual scoreline for them this season):


Beachbum said...

I love watching baseball. So glad you got to see it and that you all had fun!

Can't wait till we get up there to see you all. Enjoy yourselves!

Rebecca said...

Baseball = beautiful!

I didn't know there were cheap bleacher seats. How cool is that!?!