Saturday, 22 May 2010

Away to Life is Good

On the boat:

A familiar position - Ferg on Frank's neck:


Rebecca said...

Yay! You made it out the door! The "to do" list was conquered (one way or the other).

Hope you have a terrific time. We'll just be here, all green in the eyes.

Rachel said...

Hey, you made it! And you're on the ferry while the sun is still shining...was it the 7, or did you make an earlier one somehow???

I'm glad you managed, I hope it wasn't too crazy for Gillian (and company).

Have a great time, and say hello to Frank and Ronnie and family for us!

MMmommy said...

.. wahoo .. we are in the same country ..

mesmith said...

We had a reservation for the seven but ended up just driving on to a non-full 6:00 and zoomed through the border to make it F&R's by 9:30! Weirdly awesome. We are now enjoying a release of stress!!

memet said...

What a brilliant shot of Tiki and Effie with the other ferry driving by in the background! See you on Tuesday (when we are checking into the hotel) or Wednesday (when you are??)