Saturday, 28 November 2009

Two Mile Diet

Lobster mushrooms from forest to stomach...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Eternal Harmony

Last night we left the kiddos with Helen and headed off to church...

In what turned out to be one of the best concerts we have ever attended, things got off to a raucous start with Bucan Bucan (Victoria’s number 1 gypsy marching band, so says they) and the equally eclectic and bizarre Meatdraw!

Tour opener Gentleman Reg then took the stage. Oh yeah... we had good seats pew!

The main event on this night was The Hidden Cameras... Canada’s premier indie-pop band and makers of many a tune I have stolen for familial video purposes (such as Effie's Eighth Birthday Movie)

Pretty decent setlist, though sadly no “Awoo”. And although I would have enjoyed hearing it, it is probably for the best that they did not include “I Want Another Enema” (my body is an exit wound”) given the band’s penchant for performance art.

Snippets (including coveted video of Gillian dancing)...

Vital Brady Bunch Update

No tv program has brought the four of us together, crumpled on the couch the way The Brady Bunch has. That Alice - what a hoot! We should be through all 117 episodes in a couple of weeks!!!

The other exciting thing around here (!) is that I showed Ferg my coin catching trick... the one where you stack coins on your elbow and then flip your arm down and catch them with your hand (as popularized in that Happy Days episode). He thought I was pretty cool! Apparently he was practicing this one night after I went to sleep cause he woke me up at midnight to ask me which elbow, the right one or the left one, he was supposed to use.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mail Delivery Postmarked 1970

Isn't it strange, the things we spend our airmiles on!?! It's all Shannon's fault.

Yup, that's green shag carpet on the Brady Bunch Complete Series box!

Peter's finest moment...

Monday, 16 November 2009



Ferg's drawing of himself as a baby (w/ Mama):

A break in the weather:

Rain=creek=good times:


'mallow roast:

Ferg continues to have some issues with footwear and his outings and activities have been a bit limited now that we have shifted into the soggy-ground season. Then I downloaded the camera and realized he has actually been rather adventurous these past few days...

Ever wonder what a constipated drummer looks like? Well, be curious no longer – there’s a photo of one over at Memet’s blog (Rock Soup) highlighting our recent evening of soup n' song.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Remembrance Day Walk

Effie and I went for a little walk in the direction of the ocean today.

Oh look! What have we here? Remnants of a vehicle fire perhaps?? Look how close it came to endangering the sleeping inhabitants of our house!

Here's Eff with a spot-on impression of her Dad's grump face at the sight of the new "trail-o-destruction" that the marina has plugged in from the road.

This bridge has been affected by some floods and no longer fills us with confidence at its keeping-us-dry capabilities. A good quality in a bridge that.

Some of Eff's photos of the scenery...

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bizzaro Morning

Advice for the masses :: if you are awoken to the sound of an explosion at seven o'clock on a saturday morning and then you look outside to see a massive fireball coming from the direction of the road and then you rush, half-naked, down to said road and notice a vehicle on the shoulder completely engulfed in flames with nary a soul around and then you scurry back up the hill to your house to call in the fire department and then you race back down, completely clothed this time, to check that the fire hasn't spread from the car and the grass to your trees... do not as a next step - and this is the advice bit - do not wake up your blissfully ignorant and slumbering spouse to inform them that they should not be alarmed when a squadron of fire trucks suddenly shut off their sirens outside your driveway.

Apparently it is not necessary or appropriate and furthermore, NO ONE CARES about your little so called emergencies!

You have been warned.

Random recent photos of a non-explosive nature...

Monday, 2 November 2009

From Olivia Newton John to Fungus

Effie’s wild Sunday of genre-flipping, movie watching madness consisted of 1980’s bizarre roller-disco trompe de Olvia Newton-John, Xanadu, followed by the 1951 version of Show Boat, then Bride and Prejudice - the bollywood-esque remake of Pride and Prejudice - and finally, BBC period piece/ mini-series, Cranford.

By the time she said good night she had perfected a spot-on middle class English accent circa 1840. I’m so grateful that she watched Cranford last as opposed to Xanadu!

Eff did manage to take a mid-movie marathon break and go on a mushroom hunt. I won’t post all 160 (ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY!) of the mushroom and assorted Fall scenes photos that she took, but here are a few: