Sunday, 30 September 2007

Saltspring Island Redux

Two trips to saltspring in two months? Something must be up!?! We spent two nights on St. Mary's lake thanks to M&M and their fabby-do cabin. It also just happened to be the coldest, rainiest weekend since April but that didn't stop us from our beach adventures and Fergus from sporting his summer gear.

Just minding her own business... until....

Thursday, 27 September 2007

A creative day

Effie's balloon-a-puppy

A straw n' tape alphabet (obviously the "c" is blue in honour of her daddy)

The Vikings have been pitching their tent in the village again

A good use of firewood

Evening happenings

Effie at sunset...

Fergus at sunset...

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Tooth Indigestion

Effie lost two teeth last night - one of them literally. She figures she must have swallowed her top front tooth while in the bath. Yum!

Here's the note left by the fairy:

There once was a girl who swallowed her tooth
She liked dolls, movies and selling cards at her booth
She made lots of money
And tried not to sound funny
But when she was thirsty she asked for some jooth

What's the protocol on making fun of your kids?

Meanwhile, Fergus had a bowl of Nerds...

Sunday, 23 September 2007

The Sunday Roving Picnic (have blanket will travel)

No such thing as a stationary, lie-down-and-relax picnic around here. Effie's picnics are the best... eggs, plenty of water, granola bars and about 63 different treats.

(we didn't eat this little fella)

A Fall Weekend

Grandma found the new, much coveted, previously recalled (lead paint) James. Yeah Grandma!

MarioKart is huge around here right now

Movie sorting

Fergus' massive birthday frisbee spawned impromptu hoola-hooping

Cutting up Grandma's flower petals into an aromatic fragrance - yum

Turns out Rocket Balloons get caught in trees - Who'd a thunk it

Effie pics

May have created a photo documenting monster...

Exhibit A: Fergus asked Effie to take this picture of his cereal's dehydrated strawberry before adding it to his "collection"(?)

Hand portrait

Exciting things happen when you're waiting in the car

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Photo Journal

Effie's been documenting her days lately with her "new" camera, including a recent day out with Nanci that featured a trip to the tea house...

Animal Rescue Division

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Be my light, Be my guide (L&L 2007 Flashback)

Can there be any greater source for that deep rush of familial love and energy than what a gathering™ such as an unschooling conference offers?


Pre-teens scurrying up rock walls… a teenager doing battle with the evil Nightbane in WOW… teens guiding 6 year olds/ teens hugging their parents/ teens hugging each other/ teens hugging themselves… a four year old throwing Wii bowling strike upon strike…

There was also the joy achieved in standing back as your wife tosses arm length upon arm length (a futile attempt as it turned out) of raffle tickets into the draw for the “I am exactly where I need to be” t-shirt!

Beyond that, here are five key first hand experiences from L&L 2007:

Fergus the peripatetic puker: we introduced ourselves to the conference by informing the Centre’s staff that there was a rather large trail of fresh vomit on their carpet and oh, by the way, could they please lend us a few face cloths?

The Flash: we watched Diana attempt to take action photos of a posing Fergus that did not include accidentally exposed genitalia.

Uke Hero: we witnessed Martin and his wee Ukulele croon “The song of the temperance union” in a private concert (negotiations for future official talent show offerings are ongoing).

Dine n’ Dash: I participated in the hottest new game of the century… thieving cereal, yogurt, strangely-filled crepe-like thingys and other breakfast items for fellow conference goers sane enough to stay in bed - all completed with stealth precision, mere yards away from the legion of tray monitoring staffers.

The Hoverer: I laughed as “Lifeguard #4” did his little pectoral dance while standing at the ready, life-saving device in hand, a couple of feet away from two well-chaperoned 7 year-olds playing on the steps of the pool.

Slideshow (manual scroll variety)...

Meanwhile, on another planet

Fergus has inadvertently gotten himself into hardcore rock via this cool light saber montage which he has currently stuck on repeat... Stars Wars.