Saturday, 14 January 2017

Christmas, New Year's and all that

Baileys, a game of Munchkin and beating Dad at Scrabble..

xmas day and some funky socks for the guy who wears crocs.
without any socks.

Effie baking and Effie arting..

The computer game Ferg got me for my birthday (Undertale). He has do all the hard parts for me..

A couple of trips to the KFC:

New Year's Day - before the power went out:

New Year's after the power went out (not shown: trip to Dennys)..

Dad winning at Crib:

Playing Scotland Yard with the Duncanites over the computer..

Hover Dog:

Fergus did some portraits..

Fergmus (Ferg's gifts he ordered December 23rd) finally arrived well into January via the delivery guy..

Yay for Fergmus.. now we can get rid of this sad, dried up thing: