Saturday, 15 May 2010

Living the life and blowing the nose

We’ve been rather busy lately and - woo hoo - I think I may have finally emerged from the fog of my headache-induced wintersleep. I started playing soccer again and both Effie and Fergus are really taking to the game like never before as well. Eff enjoys drills that involve lots of running and dribbling and Ferg is really keen on tackling, booting the ball really hard and making “key saves”, judo style.

Key goal!

Key shot!

Key save!

Key fans!

Key cuddles!

Ferg’s juggling skillz and self-filmed dribbling:

We all went and saw Grease last weekend (massively exciting photo of empty set below):

Oooh, Monopoly has recently been excavated from the crawl space. I love this game and the kids are loving it too ever since playing some wacky Canadian version up at MattSamandNoah’s. The only problem is that the games last so long forcing us to keep the board out over a long period of time. This really cuts into our nightly tidying/ cleaning policy (cue laugh track).

And today, Gillian and Effie found Original 6 NHL Monopoly at a garage sale!?!

The garden grows...

We've continued with a bit of cycling but until Gillian gets her new bike (old one stolen), it's a bit difficult to go on family rides...

The clubhouse gained a few more bits last weekend:

Effie's popsicle stick version of a fort:

The caterpillars are now in the chrysalis stage:

But one eager beaver has already butterflied up:

Bye bye hotdog-mustard-relish...

But most important of all... I’ve been wondering a lot lately why people have boxes of kleenex in the back of their vehicles, up by the window. Perhaps others have wondered the same thing!?!?! I mean, come on people, is that box o' nose-blowers really all that accessible? The reason this bothers me so much is that I recently realized I go through a lot of tissues – I’m constantly blowing my nose! Easy access to kleenex is something that is always on my mind. In fact, counting the office, the house and various vehicles, I currently have no fewer than 14 boxes of kleenex on the go. Fascinating stuff!


Heather's Moving Castle said...

I agree about the kleenex! Mine is in the front of the car! Nice to see all the goings on there!

MMmommy said...

Yahoo for the lifting of headaches ...

Wow to the making of chrysalis and the releasing of condiment named butterflies

And I was forced to mention your Kleenex pondering as I drove Puck in to work this morning and noticed a box of kleenex in the back window of the car in front of us. His response, "they are probably for the people in the back and there is another box up front for the driver."

KJ's response "well I'm back here so the kleenex should be in the back cause I sneeze a lot and have snot all the time"

So there is our input on the Kleenex part of your post ...

mesmith said...

Shannon, I don't agree with this nasal-clearing assessment... kleenex boxes appear mainly in the rear of large american automobiles driven by the 60 plus lot (think Florida). No one ever goes in their back seats less they damage the scotch guard.

Rachel said...

Wow, so much fun happening around there! I love to see it all! Maybe the soccer playing is releasing some of your stress and helping those headaches lift? Whatever the reason, I hope those headaches are forever banished! And you've inspired us to trek out to the empty field and play some ball this morning...we'll have to see how that goes, given all the rain we've had lately. Could be a muddy endeavor. Oh, and we love to see this fort taking shape! Our only confusion in this post is that Max and Otto are still having a hard time believing that is Fergus. They think even his face looks different now...

mesmith said...

Rachel, you're absolutely right... Ferg is different and we STILL are not used to this guy. Weird I know but everything about him seemed to change at once (well, not everything, he can still kick - not necessarily a ball - very hard).

HEadaches are not fully gone but certainly recovering - yee ha!