Friday, 7 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mum!

I am from a parking meter, Swiss Chalet, and Asti Spumante.
I am from tea with lots of milk and the Aqua Gum tree, a huge branch of which we broke once and were oblivious enough to think no one would notice!
I am from forsythia and cottonwood and romneya coulteri, from Sammy and Sarah and Josh, and Bridie who loved pinball machines.
I am from "family business" and family money, from Kathryns, a Frederic, and an RJK.
I am from hot tempers and "I'm Proud of You" medals, from Johnny Horton, Dot Rigney brownies, making batik fabric and peach freezer jam.
I am from lies and truth, from finding love, and believing in yourself so hard the rest of the world just falls away.
I am from Don Mills, Muskoka, and beach accesses to the Pacific Ocean, from creme brulee you would eat off the floor, ginger snaps (made with chicken fat not butter), and cheese dreams broiled on a quiet night.
I am from you reading stories for so long before bed that YOUR head bobbed in sleep, from milk all over the table when I dumped the pitcher to see who made it.
I am from the drawer of the What Not (filled with photos of everyone but me), from giant cakes iced with sailboats and footballs, and from the courage to life your life differently.

I love you mum. Thank you for everything. Thank you for me. And thank you for believing in me.


MMmommy said...

You made my eyes leak

Frank said...

Lovely. You have a great Mother's Day, too. We'll see you SOON!