Sunday, 28 June 2015

Return to Portage Park, View Royal

Double selfie..

Five years ago you could walk on the tracks...

Turns out five years ago we also stopped at Dairy Queen (though we didn't have anyone to finish off enormous ice cream cones back then)..

Pride Prep Party

Making the banner for next weekend's parade..


Frankie, Matt, Sam, Dan, Chess, Effie, Meah, Ella:

Mere seconds before ye olde picnic table finally collapsed..

Chess, Matt, Effie, Noah, Sastun, Dan, Sam:

No one was injured..

Robin, Cheryl, Kelly, Helen:

Ferg at the back of the property! He's blurry just like the elusive Sasquatch..


Effie and a maple tree. She's playing hide n' seek in perhaps not the most effective hide n' seek outfit..

Sunset, moon, bluff..

We love our Headbandz!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Events of Matt's 16th

at the mini golf place..

Rob and Fergus: serious duffers..
From another angle..

Gillian, Skye, Autumn, Effie, architecture..

Chillin' in the heat at the gas n' sip go karting place..

Gillian karting... and perhaps the only one of 19 drivers to take the "no bumping" signs seriously:

at the DQ..

sunset at the lagoon..

next day Headbandz with the White Rockians..

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Olden Days Week

Effie spent the week at Medieval Village, Fort Rodd Hill..

Effie NOT at Medieval Village: