Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Down to Portland

On the way to Portland we stopped in at the Hanna Andersson outlet store/ Rachel's second home (Ferg's into the stripey pj's bigtime these days). The store did not disappoint - in fact they played some Rachel-approved Andrew Bird while we were there! As I took this exterior shot, some ladies were taking pictures of some other buildings and asked if I was an architect as well. Instead of massaging the truth, I told them that I was a Canadian! Smoooooth...

At the Wahoo's in Portland:

Chess with Sabine



Rachel said...

Ooo, perfect timing, as they are having a sale on stripey pajamas! I love to think of some of my favorite people shopping at one of my favorite places, listening to some of my favorite music. Oh, and hello and hugs to the Wahoos! :)

Frank said...

I like imagining that conversation.

Q. Are you an architect?

A. No, I'm Canadian.

mesmith said...

Yes, Ferg got two pairs of stripey pj's and 1 pair of summer stripeys and a shirt - 30% off!