Thursday, 27 May 2010

Life is Good Conference Day 1

Between the constant rain and issues with the hotel, this year's conference began more "Life is... Meh" than "Life is Good". That's a bit unfair, but lack of sleep has made us all a little grumpy and negative and I just wanted to throw "Life is... Meh" in there somewhere.

We are in our usual room overlooking the pool, except this year the hotel decided to rip up all our balconies and the metal on metal hammering and assorted construction noises begins at 8 am. Not a particularly good hour for unschoolers! Anyway, all is well now and we are in full conference mode having reconnected with old friends and made many new ones. Plus, we're super excited about having Shannon's family in the room next to us as its the first time we've seen them since they moved to the San Jose area.

Today, Effie REALLY needed to check out the cool store she went to last year that sells Pokemon cards in bulk. We know from experience (hello Target!) that she needs to get this shopping expedition out of the way early or it weighs on her the whole time (ie: grumpy Effie), so she and I made the long, cross-town trek today and spent an hour pouring over their selection. Or at least she poured over the selection for as much as I try to keep up, I had no clue what she was sifting through:

Extreme satisfaction:

KJ, Mitchel and Fergus at the Pokemon funshop:

Ferg, and others, awaiting their turn to play the video games:

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