Tuesday, 6 October 2009


... someone turned 10 today.


Rachel said...

Yipppee! Woo hoo!
Happy birthday, Effie Lou!
We just can't wait to celebrate with you!
(And apparently all my birthday wishes to you will rhyme)

Ronnie said...

Holy moly, double digits! We can't wait to celebrate with you either, Effie, and we get you FIRST! (neener neener, Rachel)

See you VERY SOON! Wahoo!


Frank said...

Happy bisrthday, little sweetie. See ya soon!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, Effie! It looks like your day was great fun! - R & A

kelli said...

Happy happy birthday Effie!!

aquariusfive said...

Looks like you had a great day Effie. Love the pinata! Have a great vacation. I'll think up some new craft ideas while you are away. Looking forward to the next crafternoon.

memet said...

(to the tune that you know and love...)

May your days all be Rockin'
Filled with hugs and sweet talkin'
Happy Birthday Dear Effie Lou
Happy Birthday to you!

xo the BBs

MMmommy said...

Okay that dinner looks down right fabulous!

We were all thrilled to have rocked out with you on your bday Effie ...