Sunday, 18 October 2009

Winding down in the windy city

A trip to Chicago's chinatown was always an option and then yesterday Ferg really got it in his head to go there. Turned out today was a nice day for a boat ride to Chinatown down the river...

There is so much cool architecture and so many bridges along the river that it made my neck ache:


The fancy Chinatown water taxi stop:

I've taken more darn pictures of the Sears tower than anything on this trip:

Here's a shot of the 103rd floor Sears tower skydeck balconies where you can look through the glass floor to the street below. We did not do this.

Here is Martin's office building (centre, with the boats at its base):

Along the river at sunset:

We made a full day of it by going to see the evening performance of Blue Man which has a residence in Chicago...


MMmommy said...

.. I think our family is seriously considering a trip to Chicago after viewing all the fun you guys had!

Rachel said...

By the way, we might have forgot to mention: There is no Sears Tower anymore. The naming rights got sold otherwise. Now it is the Willis Tower....
(Sears moved out more than 10 years ago)


Rachel said...

I see that you, Craig, have correctly identified the Sears/Willis Tower as such, while I continue to call it the Sears Tower, and most likely will always do so. :)

Ah, that was such a fun day! I love reliving it here!