Monday, 5 October 2009


The above shows a spreadsheet that Effie and I created to monitor our progress in financing the purchase of the greatly desired Rock Band Beatles. Trading pop bottles for a Wii game also helped to clean out the garage of sticky stacks of orange bags. I’ll just accept that we are procrastinating hoarders and see the positives in the fact that we found over $100 worth of recycling in there!

We didn’t quite make our total before succumbing - but there is only so much of a head start we could give certain other rock band playing families:


Pucky said...

Yeee haa! Ok well let's add each other so we can jam!

Congrats on you bottle collection!!

Rebecca said...


MMmommy said...

I never imagined there could be even more reason to visit your family .. yet there it is .. Rock Band and still room in the car for all our other toys!