Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Chicago's MSI and Millennium Park

Yes, it's still cold here. Today it was good to get out and do lots of running around - for Fergus especially since he had enjoyed an indoor day yesterday while Gillian, Effie and I went downtown to American Girl and the Lego store.

Catching the train:

The Museum of Science and Industry:

Millennium Park - running around Crown Fountain in front of the 50 foot people towers (in warmer weather, water shoots out their mouths):

The Bean at Millennium Park:

Pavilion art-work-thingy...

Pizza on the way home:


Colin said...

I go to this park too when I visit my grandma and grandpa, they live in palos hights

aquariusfive said...

Love seeing pictures of you bumpkins in the big city! I am now longing to leave the woods.

memet said...

Keep those pics of cool public art coming!

Rachel said...

Kelly, you can visit us any time. ;)