Monday, 12 October 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

...our second consecutive Canadian thanksgiving spent in the states. It's Columbus Day here - which doesn't seem to mean much to anybody. Martin has the day off, not because of Columbus but rather since it is Max's birthday! He turned 8 today - woo hoo!!!

Rachel has been planning our trip for quite a while. I think we have a 14 day itinerary and we are here for 10. We have knocked very little off the list so far but that suits us fine cause we're going at a pace that accounts for much at-home star wars and lego playing time. We haven't made it downtown yet but that will come quick enough because Eff's itching to get to the American Girl store.

Yesterday we tried going to a playground - it was locked:

Fergus' contribution to the photo journal - the bum tree:

Logan Square

We've been hearing about this restaurant for a looong time and it was as good as advertised. Rachel and Martin's favorite neighborhood restaurant - Lula:

Frolicking in a park:

Ferg got a new Mario outfit...

Max's Leaning Tower of Pisa birthday cake:

Lego seance

And here's Rachel and Martin's 100 plus year-old super cool house - in mid-attic reno mode:


MMmommy said...

Eight thumbs up here for the Mario costume!!

.. and now back to our Brady Bunch marathon ..

mesmith said...

Brady Bunch!?!?!? Awesome.