Saturday, 17 October 2009

Chicagwegian Food

Hachi's Kitchen is a most excellent local sushi place frequented by our hosts - we ordered take out from here twice:

Snail Thai Food in South Chicago - Obama's neighborhood Rachel says.

Rachel and Martin live, in seems to my rural west coast eyes, in a very ethnic community. Latino most notably. I had some excellent steak tacos the other night after a play I went to with Martin (the play featured their friend Wendi... it's from the writers of award winning Urinetown... hey, want good quality wackiness? check it out: Yeast Nation - "the world's first family, a colony of salt-eating yeasts, floats in the brine of the primordial soup under the rule of a tyrannical baritone"). Anyway, I went on and on to Gillian about the great authentic steak tacos Chicago has to offer and made us all stop in at a taco-type place down the street from Rachel and Martin's house (which they had never been to before). This place was out of steak. In fact, steak was thawing in a large vat in front of us on the counter (that, and the sign out front, should have been warning enough). So the taco filling options were down to tongue or goat's meat so obviously the three of us willing enough chose goat. Three of us got sick. I'm just saying...

We also went here a few times:

But, when it comes right down to it, our kids are not really all that well suited to the restaurant experience at the moment. We keep trying but one in particular is just too mobile and too busy. So Rachel fed us at home a lot and boy did we eat goooood!!!

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