Saturday, 31 October 2009

Biggest Haul Ever

We came out of our seasonal yuck just in time for Halloween. At one point the yuck found both Gillian and I zonked out during the daytime. To this, Fergus compassionately observed: "If you guys are just going to sleep all day why did you bother having kids anyway?"

We finally found the strength to carve our pumpkins this morning:

For trick or treating, Effie wore the wolf costume Grannie made 30 plus years ago! Yeah Grannie!!!
Gillian went as Anders Flanders from DetektivbyrÄn:

See! (Anders Flanders, far right)...

Our regular plans for a halloween trip up-island had been cancelled so we joined a group of fellow rural dwellers and hit a particularly active subdivision in town. This was the first time I had ever heard of trick or treating while it was still light out but it seemed to work. We actually had a rain free, warmish, full-moon night.

Here's the embarrassing haul. These pics also show the different styles between these two - one likes to sort and admire, the other likes to eat and ask questions later:


Rebecca said...

My gawd. Gillian makes an amazing Anders Flanders. It's a good look.

Congrats to the kids on their fantastic hauls. Wow.

I love how Effie has colour coordinated the bowls and wrappers. She's my kind of organizer.

MMmommy said...

wow and I thought we did well !!

Kyre said...

I'm with Effie, I've always liked to sort and display my little candy trophies. ;P

Looks like you guys had fun!

Rachel said...

Ha! Gillian looks GREAT! And so does Effie! And we are positively amazed by your haul. Max just punched Otto and said, "Otto! See! We need to go to MORE houses!" (It was Otto who was done and ready to go home much earlier than Max was.) Oh, and the bowls!!!! I was a candy organizer, just like Effie. I still can't resist sorting out all the colors from a bag of M&Ms. Looks like fun!

Carolyn said...

Sabine did the same thing with her candy...must remember to photo-document more! Love it!