Tuesday, 19 February 2008


This past weekend, the rain stopped and the sun shined and like a butterfly freeing its cocoon, Fergus donned his boots and raced outside. Well, more like a reluctant bear ending its hibernation. A cute, hairy bear - but a bear nonetheless.

Ferg has guided us on many adventures in the forest these past few days - to the point that a series of adventure-one-upping resulted in Effie leading the four of us into a swath of nearly impenetrable downed branches and 5 foot high salal while she simultaneously belted out Gilbert and Sullivan showtunes at the top of her lungs. Despite being easy prey... no bear-bells were needed.

First we jumped around a bit and burned stuff (not at the same time)...

But outdoor adventuring merely delays getting to the household’s latest member, a Wii fella named Fred. As this photo clearly does not show, the Wii is a very interactive gaming system that offers endless aerobic opportunities.

Alright, alright, the TV may need updating (eventually) but it has served us well. It may accidentally suffer an “accident” of accidental proportions however if I stand too close to it while taking part in Wii boxing.

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