Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Top 5 Amazing or Surprising Moments of NCN Everett

1. That Fergus actually petted and hung out with one of the Maier's pet rats. As long as he keeps his hands to himself next time he's near the garage... I'm okay with this!
2. That we were able to fit MJ and Chloe's Barbie Motel into the vehicle... without bungies!
3. That I managed to find a gas station that didn't take credit cards!?! So I went across the street where I had to enter my (non-existent) zip code!?! That'll teach me not to veer too far off the I-5.
4. That, on the ride home, Fergus actually managed to stop screaming finally - JUST as we pulled up to the border agent.
5. That MacGyver exists. He goes by "Harper" these days:

Fun with Kapla


Frank said...

Swell video! Keep 'em coming! I love reading posts about last weekend; it's like reliving it!

But it makes me miss y'all. (sniffle)

Zenmomma said...

MacGyver. I love it!

Ronnie said...

Here comes Harper to save the daaaay!

I have been meaning to thank you guys for having those Kapla blocks delivered to our house (but why the heck did you have to take them away?!). They were such a wonderful addition to the weekend and led to SO much fun, bonding, learning, cooperative endeavors, and, of course, CRASHES.