Saturday, 2 February 2008

Northwest Mardis Gras

MJ, Chloe, Frank and Ronnie have put on quite a show for us all here at NCN Everett.

Time Warp - N'Orleans style:


Scotty and his new shadow take part in that other, lesser known, cajun tradition - balloon-marking-in-your-life-clothes:

Super Stylin'...


kelli said...

Ooo! Too fun!

Nice costumes, Craig that's quite the hat! And you're with...Gillian?? *g*

mesmith said...

Sadly yes. I had nightmares of that face.

Frank said...

We're so sad that everybody's gone. The house is lonely!

And, Craig, be honest. I've got $100 (well, US $$, which is about a buck ninety-eight in the new, powerful Canadian currency) at 2-to-1 odds that says that you demanded that she leave that mask on when you retired to the "marital bed" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) after the kids crashed.

You naughty boy! (VBG)

mesmith said...

Aaah, you know me too well Frank! However, let it be well documented that the kids never crash before we do!