Sunday, 10 February 2008

Fortune Telling

Fergus (lying down eating fortune cookies): "BWAAAAAAAA!!! MOMMA!"
Momma: "What's that?"
Fergus: "MOMMA!!!!!!!"
Momma: "What is it you want?"
Fergus: "AAAAAaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!"
Momma: "What Fergus?"
Fergus: "AAAAAaaaahhhhh.... BLAGH... EERRRRRRR........AAAAhhhhhhh!!!"
Momma: "What Fergus?"
Fergus: "AAAAhhh..... YOU..... READ"
Momma: "You want me to read this?"
Momma: "Okay, I'll read it"


Randi said...

That's a right on fortune! I shared it with Kauleen and we both had a good laugh :) (OK NOW, I tried to use the word verification and it gave me some alphabet letter that doesn't exist on my keyboard!) a "y" with a dot on it?

Frank said...


diana(hahamommy) said...

Why do I hear Alanis Morsette in the background?

Schuyler said...


kelli said...

Too funny!

Zenmomma said...


MJ Awesomness said...

That's hilarious. I love you guys.

FLO said...

LOL! Your blog always make me smile so I'm sharing the Excellent Blog Award with you. (and because your Effie is so like my Camille!) Thanks for the joy!

Rebecca said...


That really did make me laugh out loud.

memet said...