Tuesday, 26 February 2008

It's not about the wiining

We generally play games with kiddos at a level just competitive enough to lose. However, this is not the case when the games involve me, Effie and the Wii where, despite my best efforts, I get thoroughly and resoundingly thumped… consistently. Now that I think of it, there are many non-Wii situations where my kids thump me. Though winning is, of course, not the point. For example, Fergus is quicker than me when sprinting over 10 yards (I’m usually wearing knee-high gum boots!) however he always slows down so that we can tie. He’s really into the tieing.

In Wii baseball, I swing too hard and too soon and strikeout more often than not. Effie, meanwhile, dings homers quite regularly off of my speediest hurls. She does this while being unaware that I’m constantly attempting to brush her back with inside heat! In fact, “unaware” is her preferred style. She sits at the kitchen table and watches movies on the portable dvd unit and pitches to me while barely lifting her head. My style can best be described as “intense”, though I prefer “life-like”. I draw the line at the chewing tobacco but I do pretend to bat the dirt from my “cleats”. Surprisingly, this does not aid in performance.

As well, my virtual bowling skills are akin to my real bowling skills: I try too hard to pull off the fancy, spinning-ball shot and end up in the gutter. I figure it is because I’m sliding on carpet and am not wearing those slippery, Lysol-sprayed clown shoes. Again, with Effie and her static, unfazed position, it’s pretty much strike or spare for her.

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