Monday, 10 December 2007


This past weekend, Effie watched Pa, Ma, Laura and the rest of the crazy-haired Walnut Grove gang in a self-imposed, 48 hour “Little House on the Prairie Season 2” marathon. Now when I say to her, “have you done your chores yet half-pint?”, she replies, “yes, sir”. kidding.

Ferg has seen non-stop Ninetendo action lately. From the moment he wakes up in the morning he’s looking to feel the warm, radiant glow of his “tendo”.

In addition to managing to erase all my well-earned activity in Mario Kart, he plays Miss Spider in Spanish. What a clever boy eh!?!!?

While on the topic of passions and erasing things… consider this formal notice that the much anticipated (by one person… who resides in a tenement enclave… in East Timor) 2007 Live and Learn movie that had been sitting, mocking me, on my computer at 95% complete for the past month and a half, was recently, accidentally and without sabotage, deleted (and emptied from trash). Insert the sounds of me swearing, en español, at the top of my lungs HERE.


Rachel said...

Oh no! What a terrible fate for the L&L movie and all your hard work! I have been there too many times myself, too depressed by the deletion of something to ever find the energy to recreate it. This way, you can be sure it was a masterpiece, destined for an independent filmmaker's award, only to have been lost forever to us all.

Think of the Bionic Man...we CAN rebuild him. You CAN rebuild this movie. We have complete confidence in you. It will be stronger and faster and even better than before.

mesmith said...

Ha! I've been too depressed to check out the raw footage but, yeah, I suppose I could go back to the ol' drawing board. There were too many funny bits involving ukuleles and hula-hoops (not at the same time... that I noticed) to ignore.

balloonatikmama said...

Well, seems I have been passionless lately. I suppose that is fair.

The good news about the L&L movie is that you hadn't shown it to us yet, so we will have no "well, it's cool, but it isn't as good as the first one" or "ya, but why didn't you redo that cool part where so & so did xyz" comments to torment you with, poor dear.

As the Berenstein Bear's mother says with annoying repetitiveness, there is a good side to everything?

Love you,

diana(hahamommy) said...

do you *know* how to swear in Spanish? Get some tequila and I'll teach ya ;D I've got a friend who swears by yelling Italian foods at people. My favorite - Pasta Fagioli (Fah-zoooohl)with a little hand shake :) Tiramisu works too, with a little emphasis on the *me* in the middle!
I'm sending some George Lucas vibes - I'm only 3 degrees from him, ya know ;) - "This was not the movie you wanted to make. The real movie still awaits you, padawan."

mesmith said...

The only "Spanish" I know is "bastardos"... thanks for the Italian tip though... will put it to good use.