Monday, 3 December 2007

Le grande weekend

Effie spent le grande weekend downtown with the visiting Grannie, Auntie and cousins. Highlights included Grannie escorting Mini and Eff to The Nutcracker and the gang "taking tea" at The Empress.

I ran into the girls downtown and promptly dimineshed their street cred. "Go away please Dad".

Getting ready to go to The Nutcracker.

"good lord and lady byng!"... a meet up with the two dimensional Lady Byng herself!

The girls and some other grande dame (deceased).

Like all true socialites, the girls arrived back from their Nutcracker evening carrying their shoes ("ooh, our feet!")


Linda said...

Omg, that second picture. That should be framed.

MJ Awesomness said...

You guys are officially tagged.