Friday, 21 December 2007

Oui Oui

The family doesn’t get a pass to leave the forest too often and here is what we chose to do with our “urban time” the other evening: spending three full hours (minus the half hour of fast-food diversion) at the mall participating in all things Wii. Ferg, who hardly blinked the entire time we were there, really dug the new Super Mario Galaxy and even tried his hand at the 100 yard dash (13 .84 seconds!), ping-pong (no balls to the head!) and rowing (didn’t drown!).

Although I did enjoy firing deadly toilet plungers at “raving rabbids”, I was openly thankful that there are currently no Wii’s available on the island until February or something. The rest of my family scowled at me for thinking such thoughts while the Ninetendo people scowled at all of us rural-hicks for hogging the equipment.


Schuyler said...

Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite game at the moment! Absolutely Brilliant!

mesmith said...

It does look real cool - esp. with the fancy screens they had there.