Monday, 3 December 2007


**Warning**Caution**Alert**... severely awesome acting ahead!

In an effort to give more blog-screen time to myself at the request of one person, and despite that this vid clocks in at less than 30 seconds, here's the incomparable Miranda July wishing me an unhappy birthday - yeah! Please try not to OD on all this ego-tripping!

Beautiful 40

40 from mesmith on Vimeo.

I don't know if I'm coming or going!?!


kelli said...

OMG, that's awesome! lol

Happy 40th!! Life is good at 40 too :)

Schuyler said...

Tag. Come and play Week in Review blog tag. Or you could just fly over and we'll have chip butties and we'll sit in the hot tub and we'll play games and build hama bead sculptures and we'll go boating on the broads. Yeah, screw the blog tag thing, just come hang out. And if you can't make it this weekend, well anytime would be fine. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday, Craig! You ARE beautiful, and don't let that Miranda July kick you around!

Frank said...

Happy birthday from the Washington State Maiers. We must be related somehow, huh? Ok, maybe not, except in that generic "all men are brothers" mode. Of course, like one of my favorite old science-fiction short stories asked in its title, "If all men were brothers, would you let your sister marry one?" (grin)

Hope you had a swell time and that this coming decade will be fabulous!

mesmith said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, but what... no offers from Hollywood?

Zenmomma said...

Happy Birthday Dude! I had no idea you were so old. What with being such a stud and all. :o)

Linda said...

It won't let me get past 14 seconds, and I am *dying* because the first 14 seconds are so cute and funny. Damn!