Friday, 14 December 2007

The girl in the mirror and her sidekick

Effie's been doing some more clothes modelling around the house lately. As usual, its primarily driven by her desire to recreate scenes from movies.

She freaked me out and I had no idea what she was doing when I saw her in what turned out to be her spot-on “Eloise in disguise” costume.

Ferg was very happy to model his gloved hand for the camera. Effie spotted him petting her new stockings with his singular glove. “Oooh, you like stockings do you?” said she. Ferg abruptly replied, “No. I just like touching them”.


Rachel said...

Ooooooooooo, everybody knows you've gotta read Eloise, or you'll dry up. I'm off to eat some oatmeal and find a Kleenex box to make a good hat.

balloonatikmama said...

In that second pic there, those are skates she is wearing with her mitts and earmuffs! She has socks over her shoes and is gliding everywhere - it is a laugh a minute round here!

Eloise gave them tons of great ideas, not all of them ones I am 100% keen on, like 6 yr olds wandering the streets of New York unaccompanied...? Sheesh, my heart is going flip flop!

Will go look for the book now that Rachel has upstaged us! But I do love a good Julie Andrews movie!