Saturday, 22 December 2007

Gearing up for the season

In order to try to shift to a more christmasy schedule we're trying to get the kiddos tired out earlier than normal... so we held some indoor running races at quarter to 11 last night (with moderate success). Here's the team awaiting a starting countdown:

Prior to our track meet, our friendly local Swede and her family (and good friends of course), Margaretha, hosted the first annual Furrowed Brow Smile “All Sweden, All The Time” party. The party, and glögg -drinking contest, was held in honour of my unwavering, weak-kneed love affair with modern-day Svedish music.

Of course she disguised the get-together as a “solstice party” and the uninformed revellers kept talking about the return of the sun and singing Christmas carols… but good times were had by all nonetheless.

Effie and Murray playing some fine Swedish ukulele tunes tinkling away at some xmas carols and selections from Grease:


diana(hahamommy) said...

Fergus is wearing some festive new garb and there's no commentary?? Whaaa?? Is that hair, :::gasp::: combed??

mesmith said...

He's been welcoming the sun back this past week with a return to shorts wearing and a new found interest in socks (the socks are not when he's out in the cold, just inside the house!?!).

balloonatikmama said...

New shirt, yes, from grannie for his birthday, but seriously, tell me you recognize the shorts!! The shorts he wore 14 days straight in North Carolina - the very shorts that offended your fragile sensibilities as he swung monkey like from the handrails wearing no underpants??

Surely you have not recovered from that scarring so soon!

The clothing situation is dire as he just wore a good size hole through the knee of his "car" life clothes!? Arghghghg. However, there seems to be a pair of ninja turtle life clothes (also from grannie) rising in appeal thanks to Hayden and his Mickey D's ninja T present last April! With any luck those will see us through the winter...

love g/balloonatik