Friday, 30 April 2010

The week past

Effie's new art class "whimsical faces and far away places" is pretty darn cool. Some of her recent drawings/ mixed media:

Ferg hangs out at the beach during art class. Not a bad gig:

Effie now has her own room (she was ready for it six months ago):

It received a lot of vacuuming the first couple of days...

Today, Fergus decided to ride a two wheeler for the first time:

Too cocky for one's first day? (short clip)


Rachel said...

I'm sorry, but there are just too many amazing things happening in this for it to be just one short post....Effie's drawings are so amazing! I love them. And the first shots of her room?! And look at Fergus riding one-handed on his two-wheeler on the first day! Wow. Totally impressive.

mesmith said...

You are absolutely right Rachel, there is too much going on for such a brief post. But I'm sorry, have you met me? My name is Craig and I am ultra lazy and just like looking at pretty pictures!

helen said...

wow, those drawings are amazing. i got to see some from the beginning of the class and i absolutely love how they have continued on. and ferg - you speeder, you:) awesomeness!

yay for the room:)

MMmommy said...

cool .. totally cool .. on all fronts

I will say a wept a small tear seeing all of those trees and the lack of people to share them with

It was of course all swept away by the sheer joy on Fergus' face as he sped by one handed .. SUPER COOL !