Saturday, 3 April 2010


Ski vacation and Mayer family do not really go together but here we are at Apex skiing of all things. Our Easter vacation to Grannie and Grandad's got sidetracked due to illness so we're up on the Mountain for a few days with Gini's family. The kids are totally into it - Effie has always wanted to try skiing and after a few times down the hill she seemed to get the hang of things. Fergus, of course, adopts the hell-bent-for-election style and goes straight down until he crashes. He can't wait to get on a snowboard but I think we've convinced him that skiing is probably the best way for him to go for now.

Even though Ferg and I agreed to have an awful time at Apex given that our main vacation plans changed at the last minute, I guess we're having an okay time of it - we've kept our rentals for tomorrow!

Gearing up:

Ferg's first run:

I believe they referred to this as a "black diamond" run!?! Either that or bunny something or other?

Here we are:


Rebecca said...

Easter weekend is the perfect time for donning "bunny" gear.

Looks like a fabulous time!

Frank said...

Totally badass! I see gold in your future.

MMmommy said...

how very flexible and adventuresome of you ..

wow, wow, wow