Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Same old Goose

Ferg was relatively keen to get his hair chopped off and is very pleased with the job his Auntie Jamesie did. He loves his new do and the rest of his family is happy for him of course but very sad as well. The funniest thing is that every minute or so he wipes his phantom hair out of his right eye. My vote to maintain this "Flock of Seagulls" look, however, got nixed:

Ferg watching "Cloudy Meatballs" live from Santa Clara, CA via iChat:

Cousin Cullan with Effie:


MMmommy said...

I love how the three of them have devised theses ways of watching movies together !!

Andrea said...

Wow, that is a HUGE haircut! I wonder if mine will ever want his cut, it doesn't seem likely. Great picture of the process.

Rebecca said...

Dude, that first photo is pretty Emo.

(The short hair cut looks excellent - glad he's happy with it.)

Rachel said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. That is such a huge thing. It looks like it went much more smoothly than the last time Fergus got a short haircut! I love him both (all) ways, but it is still going to take my breath away for a while when I look at a photo of this short-haired boy. Missing you all!

balloonatikmama said...

Still taking my breath away 4 days later, so you have a long way to go Rachel!! Love your trip posts so far.