Sunday, 4 April 2010

Moving on up

Here's Ferg with boots on at nine a.m. - ugh! It did take him a couple more hours however to get in the right "frame of mind" for skiing today so Effie and I got an early start on things.

Interesting subculture, this whole skiing business. Our "wet coast" ski fashion, for one thing, was a little behind the times. Even this guy looked cooler than us:

Ferg's first run of the day - a bunnyhill practice session:

Gini and Effie on our first ever chair lift:

At the top of Apex: we were promised "Spring skiing"... brrrrrr (apparently last week it was t-shirt weather in Penticton):

Goose quickly getting the hang of things:

The snowplow, ie: the slowing down maneuver, was the last thing Fergus learned. Here he is not slowing down - man that boy's got a thirst for adventure:

The sun came out for our last run of the day:

Ferg and Eff lovin' it:

Done for the season:


MMmommy said...

sooooooo cooooollll especially that last shot of Ferg .. he just looks like a pro .. done for the day ..

Zenmomma said...

Your kids are now MUCH better skiers than I am. Well, they probably were even before they took a lesson cause you know I could barely stand up on the damn skis. But still.