Saturday, 10 April 2010

Do you like my hat?

Unbelievable! The family that has at least ten practice egg hunts each year actually forgot/ did not have time for a hunt on Easter this year. Anyway, some recent pics...

The cousins all looked at the camera at the same time :: Mini's 10th birthday...

A fine party hat:


Back home, an outdoor art project spontaneously broke out with neighbor Felix and his dog Lucy (woops, got some jimmy-crack-butt in that photo):

Scoob and Eff built a fire:


Rachel said...

I really love that you forgot to do the actual Easter Egg hunt. It so perfectly fits in with your (and our) lives. I am sure that you will have many more "practice" hunts leading up to next year's hunt, whether or not it actually happens. And hey, you inspired us to do some practice hunts as well this year!

Rebecca said...

I like the hat. I really do. I hope you intend to wear it often.

(I'm also really scared to show A. the photo of Fergus's Scooby-Doo outfit... serious coveting will ensue.)