Sunday, 3 May 2009

Weekend Visit

We've been fortunate to have Tiki's sister's family down for the weekend, just a couple of weeks removed from our trip up to their hometown in the Okanagan. We're having a blast (despite Chad's penchant for rooting for the evil Chicago Blackhawks). They're down because apparently wee little Metchosin is a mecca for all things blacksmithery and Chad's interested in learning how to work with metal.

Phi seeing Chadly-the-Dadly off to metal shop...

Effie and Mini :: buds since birth. They have joyous moments like cousins and crabby fights like sisters. Their way of sorting issues out has evolved over the years however - here's where they're at these days...

"Please come over here."
"I don't want to."
"Please COME HERE!"
"No. I don't like the way you're speaking to me right now."
"Well, I CAN'T FIND my other voice because you're being mean to me."
"Well you need to try."
"Okay, pleeeease come over here."

Phi n' Ferg:


Qacei Moonshadow said...

You've been tagged!
Read my blog for details.

anna kiss said...

Great shot! Upside down in mid air! I'm impressed!