Wednesday, 20 May 2009


It is impossible for us to come to this part of the world and not go to Nobb Hill. One day maybe we'll discover some other funky Portland neighborhoods, but for now this place suits us perfectly. Mmmmmm.... Ken's:

Trader Joe's...

I don't know what these will taste like (or smell like!) but couldn't resist these yummy looking freeze dried southeast asian tropical butt cracks:

Ferg was very keen to find the elephants he hung out on last year with Max and Otto. We soon clued in that they were pigs not elephants. Still, we miss Max and Otto and family terribly this year!

We spent the final day before the official start of the conference with just Fergus as Effie went shopping with the Waynforths. Ferg picked out a shiny new scooter.

Yeah, unschoolers:


Rachel said...

Oh, the pigs! Portland! Gelato! (not pictured, but still...) And Ken's! (I want a morning bun...did you happen to pack one of those in our box?)

mesmith said...

no, sorry. we went to ken's and ordered 5 morning buns and they all went really quick (between two of us!).

anna kiss said...

It's funny to recognize all these people from online, but to have never met them. My son talks about Max and Otto a lot, but has never been in the same room with them.

One of these days, we'll have to make it to one of these conferences. Looks like great fun. :D