Friday, 1 May 2009

Mixed Bag Verbal Upchuck

Effie succumbed. She decided this week that it was finally okay to throw out her Christmas-era Gingerbread house. It’s not that it was smelling or anything - just a little too festive for Spring don’t ya know.

One of these days we may gather enough energy to take down all the Valentine’s day decorations scattered throughout the house. In the meantime, and in between time, we’re the “house of loooove”.

“He’s not a cooker, he’s a drinker” :: Effie watching some perma-inebriated chef tour Italy on a Food Network program.

Fergus is the funniest person I know.

Earlier this week, I saw a specialist for a lingering, and mildly troublesome, breathing issue. To sum up his findings he told me that given my test results and my particulars and whatnot, I more than likely had nothing bad going on. “An autopsy would almost certainly show nothing” he said. WTF?

Fergus and Effie are a great Wii-playing tandom. Fergus plays and Effie sits next to him, keeping colourful stats in her notebook and encouraging him on.

Fergus is the grumpiest-person-with-a-cold I know.

Sometime before Christmas, Fergus began chiming in that he wanted a “Hoe Wheely Cycle”. He must have kept seeing ads for it on tv because he took every opportunity available to him to explain that he really had to have one. The mysterious term “Hoe Wheely Cycle” took on a life of its own in our house. But unfortunately no one else in the family saw these ads and could verify what the heck he was talking about. When asked to explain what it was, his replies were along the lines of “you know, it zooms… and it’s blue”. Finally, this week Gillian decided to google “hoe wheely cycle” and found out all about the Turbo Pro Wheelie Cycle, a remote control motorcycle that, not surprisingly, does wheelies. Reviews say its not suitable for kids(!) - the controls are too hard to figure out. But Ferg has longed for a remote control ANYTHING for a long time, so we ordered one.

Speaking of “Hoe Wheely Cycles”, Ferg and I play a lot of Zelda together. We’re remarkably hopeless at it. We don’t call it “Zelda” though because originally when we were asked to enter the hero’s name, Link, into the Wii, I messed up and typed in “LinkTTJ” and ever since it’s “can we play LinkTTJ”.

Fergus says he wants a rabbit. Fergus also desperately wants someone to give him a plate of meatballs.

Recently, Ferg shocked us all by agreeing to, and then organizing, a group shot…


kelli said...

nice. I like verbal upchucks, maybe I'll do one too on my blog, wait.. that's pretty much what I do at my blog ;) Very cute family pic! miss you guys~

Frank said...

I had a thought while reading this. I think all the female unschoolers might enjoy it if we combined one of those "naked sushi" experiences (where people eat sushi from a nude human "table") and combined it with your planned autopsy. Whatcha think? Before they make the Y-incision, obviously.

Well, ok, maybe not. It was just an idea.