Thursday, 7 May 2009

Apple Dance

Our last night with the Penticton crew was an evening of caramel apple making/ munching, followed by some crazy, energetic dancing which was in turn was followed by some Wall-E viewing. I won’t mention the post-apple eating and crazed dancing spewing (from both ends) that felled one of us cause that’s just too gross and embarrassing to mention. Hope you’re feeling better Mini.

Mini showing Effie The Macarena (The Macarena: annoying people the world over since 1996!)

Here’s a photo showing the nifty results of Chad’s two day metal workshop…

Gini refers to the piece, and its possibly violent imagery, as “The Keeper"
Chad prefers the more subdued “Metal Work Sculpture”.

Jeff and Ferg discuss birds eggs:

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kat said...

when i first read your post i read mental workshop, ha ha! lovely sculpture ;)