Thursday, 7 May 2009

Delta Gamma Llama

Today, in an orchard and with no one else around, I walked past Courtney Thorne-Smith. She plays the long suffering wife on the thoroughly unwatchable “According to Jim”, but was once, most famously, Alison on the incomparable Melrose Place. In the split second between recognition (me of her, not her of me) and star-struckedness, I thought of asking her why things never worked out between her and the loveable Billy and how she could just leave him at the altar like that and have all those slimy affairs… but, predictably, I pretended not to see her and looked the other way. I walked past her because she’s filming “Sorority Wars” in and around the apparent sorority-esque building where I work. “Sorority Wars”: coming soon, and directly, to a cable tv channel near you.

Later in the day, I ran into Corky from Murphy Brown as she came out of the can. In the "film", she’s playing a woman trying to get her daughter into her sorority. War, then (surely) ensues. I'm well informed about all this cause some gaffer left his casting call/ production notes on top of the toilet. Anyway, with regards to Corky, there was no eye averting this time (though I may have giggled into my hand, turned sharply and ran the other way).

Tomorrow I fully expect to have a sword fight at the urinal with one of the dudes from “Felicity”.


Zenmomma said...

Cool! This totally makes up for missing Tim Booth in Disneyland.

Sissie said...

I once bumped into a full-length mink-coat-wearing Wilfred Brimly (of oatmeal commercial fame) while pumping gasoline in the middle of the night in upstate New York.
hmmmm go figure.....