Thursday, 1 January 2009

More Star Wars Food Creations

This morning Effie made Handmaiden Hashbrowns. Previous efforts have included Twin Sun Toast, Hoth Chocolate, Yoda Soda, Boba Fett-uccine, Wookiee Cookies and Death Star Popcorn Balls. Although the hash browns were quite yummy, the connection to Star Wars described in the cookbook was a wee bit tenuous ("these savory hash browned potatoes have an understated elegance, just like handmaidens").

Fergus got in on the action as well and decided to invent his own recipe. Introducing Fergus' Captain Rex Katex:

1. Notice that there are yummy crepes being made and begin to develop Captain Rex Katex in your mind.
2. Decide that all four of the crepes handed to you are too delicious to do anything with other than wolf down with maple syrup.
3. Draw, play with dinosaurs and otherwise forget all about Captain Rex Katex for about 8 hours.
4. Pull a three day old waffle out of the fridge and cover half of it with icing sugar. Whip some cream.

Add food colouring to taste.

Add frozen fruit (red).

Tell your Dad for like the 100th time that no matter how often he suggests it that no, you're not actually finished yet.

Measure out some white sugar ( fifty sixty-twos of it I believe). Weigh it.

Spend a half an hour looking for Rex. Dribble some honey on the icing sugared half of the waffle.

Add cocoa to the sugar. Smoosh on top of the honey and icing sugar.

Add three sugar cubes.



Ronnie said...

Looks delish. But who the heck is Rex Katex? Someone I missed obviously.

Craig said...

It's a brand new world Ronnie... Captain Rex is from Star Wars Clone Wars. The "Katex" is the product of Fergus' rhyming.

gail said...

YUM!! I love these pictures and miss those little ones in the kitchen.

Zenmomma said...

This is the most disgustingly delicious thing I have seen since my kids were little ones.

Craig said...

In the end he ate one sugar cube and left the rest!