Saturday, 3 January 2009


Lonely walk down to the vehicle (yesterday actually!)

Blurry photo... I thought this was some sort of recreation of Avatar but it turns out that Ferg was simply fetching water (broom handle and ice cream buckets)!

Lots of Star Wars food made and consumed today, including Sith Speeder Sunrise (porridge and cantaloupe)...

...and Pit Droid Pizza:

Bird (not eaten):

Pardon the dots on this page - we're currently having an argument with blogger.


Beachbum said...

So glad to hear your home as things that are not meant to be understood, too!

I am also glad the red-head was not part of the meal.

Jeff originally thought of creating a cookbook filled with all the creative food arranging and combining kids enjoy. These would have definitely made the cut!

Zenmomma said...

The dots are freakin' me out man!

Rebecca said...

Ditto on the dots. Woah.

Rachel said...

i don't see any dots, so i assume your arguments with blogger are over? there is also no string of logos following every post. yay!