Saturday, 3 January 2009

Some things we just are not meant to understand

1. Effie announced recently that she has two favorite movies. Fiddler on the Roof and George of the Jungle!?!

2. Fuzz Luvz - the most adored gift of the season:


Michele James-Parham said...

While I'll agree that it does seem adorable, it does seem a little bit creepy to me too! Reminds of me of Tribbles though and they are adorable!

Rachel said...

okay, so now I see what all the fuzz love love is about...but i have to admit that i was pretty alarmed to see that it can have fuzz love babies too? i assume there is only one of those, or is it possible that little fuzzball will just keep making more fuzzy babies? and in that case, will they grow up to be the same as the mama fuzz? could you then breed the red and blue ones and make all sorts of varieties? could you even make hybrid fuzz loves by breeding it with some other toy, like star wars action figures? you could start with chewbacca, since that's probably the one it would find most appealing. then you could sell your fuzz love hybrids for big bucks and finance a future trip to chicago. sounds like that $35 investment might just pay off after all.

Schuyler said...

George of the Jungle 1 is worth favoriting, George of the Jungle 2 you should maybe question. I like the references to looking unlike the first George, but it falls flat in many other areas.

What is there to like about not being able to deal with your 3rd daughter's love and subsequent marriage outside your faith. You let your 1st born marry a tailor, your second run off to Siberia with a crazed man but the third you must forever disown....hmmm, I don't know.... Why not Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, a lovely tale of abduction and daughters faking pregnancy to get the glory of a mass shotgun wedding.

Craig said...

Had to look up Tribbles... cool!

You can only have one Fuzz Luv offspring... don't be silly!!!

Staying clear of George II. Seven Brides however is one of the most watched movies in this household. Best dance scene ever!