Thursday, 29 January 2009

Two heads and a lego car

Look at us! We be making Valentine's and it isn't even February 13th yet (or Februrary 20th more like it)...

Don't expect them to actually ever leave the house however.

We found our table! Turns out its brown:

And looky what's sittin' on the table - new artwork from Fergus. He seems to have made this huge leap recently in his drawings - here he's got a sun, a comet, himself with a large beating heart (he continues to be big into organs and suchlike) and some guy fighting him:

An Effie creation:

Two heads and a lego car:


Rachel said...

I love Fergus' drawing, and an added bonus is that it seems to be on a paper towel. ? Effie's 3-D work is really beautiful. Colors, shapes, positioning. Love it.

And what a great photo of Fergus and Gillian.

But wait...what's going on? You've got two posts with Gillian and a rare glimpse of her curls. I feel like I've been away from you too long. I love to see that hair down! :)

mesmith said...

yes, they seem to love painting/drawing on the paper towel. they like the way the the ink/paint bleeds.