Sunday, 7 December 2008

xmas prep

This morning, Effie and I did our annual "changing of the light bulbs" on the garage (from clear to coloured). Normally she gets too cold halfway through and quietly disappears but today we made it all the way through together. I'm figuring this was due to the added fortification supplied by her juice-popsicle - a new Christmas season tradition.

In other seasonal preparation news... the sun/toy room, infamous for its waist-high clutter, is nearly cleaned out and ready for the eventual tree. We actually were forced into action Friday night after Ferg threw his McD's orange pop into the room, spraying everything in its path with sticky syrupy goo.

1 comment:

hahamommy said...

I think McDonald's orange syrupy goo is a conspiracy of the organizational gods - highly effective, highly resented, and temporary ;)