Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I love you Craig

I hope your holidays are all you ever dreamed of. I hope we make you smile. I hope this makes you smile. You were the most splendid thing that ever lived when I first met you, and you are even more so now!

Here is something I wrote you a few years ago, and after reading it over again just now, I don't see how to improve on it much:
:: Hobe ::
I don't know what to do with my body, so full of love, as I watch you rolling with our kids, laughing, playing, sprawling, cuddling down to sleep, strolling endlessly - I never would have believed I could love so much, my body full of it. You are even more than the most splendid thing that ever lived. A crazy ride.
:: Hobe ::
(though to be fair, you do a lot less strolling and a lot more wrestling these days)

I love you more than ever, and more than I ever thought was possible. You make me thrill. You are the dream I never had. The life we have made together is beyond words - even the most challenging moment of it is more than I could ever have dreamed. Beautiful you, our beautiful children so full of you (though as you know, I was there!), the glorious home we have made together, the places we have gone. The places we are still to go.

I love you with all of me. Merry Christmas my love!

As a tribute to your love of music and videos and to your furrowed brow (and only modestly inspired by Crystal and Beth), here is a gift for you:

1) 1967. The year of your auspicious birth! In the Lovejoy tradition "I'm so glad you were born!" Plus, this hair is way too cool, perhaps it will give you some ideas for your next shear?

direct You Tube link to the above video

2) That crazy YWCA dance, you drinking tequila shooters (!?), the quest for R.E.M. Delicious courting. Music tapes. Your room with the balcony. Flowers. Trapper. Spitting cherry pits. Slow dancing in your room. This one makes me cry every single time it so literally takes me back to those wonder filled days, visceral. Lay your cards on the table baby, oh I was so wrong.

direct You Tube link to the above video

3) Listening to all those songs as we planned our wedding. Haultain living room. Every single song handpicked.

direct You Tube link to the above video

4) This one you will absolutely love (as will my brother!). But I can't embed it so you'll have to use the link to get to it - which might suit you just fine!
direct You Tube link to this special video, #4!

5) A gorgeous one that is both meaningful in lyrics as well as in where we were when we first heard it. I wanted to find Joy too, but for some unfathomable reason, Gay Dad doesn't have a very active You Tube following?

direct You Tube link to the above video

6) As you know I love this one and will one day sing it for you. Wish I had known it for our wedding. Perhaps we should do that again?

direct You Tube link to the above video

7) And this one, of course - altogether and full circle.

direct You Tube link to the above video

I love you Hobe.


Frank said...

This is soooooo sweet!

I may hafta get checked for diabetes! (wink)

Carolyn said...

OK, I've been catching up on your blog, and that's the sweetest thing ever! I'm not sure I can show it to'll set the bar too high! :) While I'm here, love the snow photos, special Star Wars food, everything...thanks for sharing! Love, the Winklers (must go off to play or watch Mario Kart...not sure which!)