Saturday, 13 December 2008

The time we have had


Baking, erm... weiner wraps:

Effie tried skating a couple of nights ago for the first time at Butchart Gardens:

Here we are having a wobbly leg competition:

A wee trim (to appease the gymnastics place):

Fergus' "eyeball soup" drawing:

Making gingerbreadmen today with Grandma:

Gingerbread house building:


Eating gingerbreadman:


Five minutes after getting home tonight - Fergus' is on the left:

First snowfall:


Beachbum said...

It all looks so wonderful!! I love the houses...we may do that later today.

Miss the snow - so enjoy it for us.


Ronnie said...

I'm enjoying the snow ever so much more now that I'm thinking about all of you sharing it with us!

kat said...

why did the gymnastics people care about his hair length? weird, eh? we just got our first snow today, hope it stays i don't think we get snow here normally!

Craig said...

We haven't enjoyed the snow yet today - issues with being too cold, etc so far. The gymnastics place requires long hair to be in a ponytail or tied up somehow (not that our kids go anywhere near the equipment that would cause this to be a problem). Rules and ponytails aren't really Fergus' scene. There are a few employees who are sticklers. So Ferg asked for a trim.