Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy Fun Day

So yesterday Effie got duded up in pj's and housecoat at 1 pm and announced that she was ready for bed... a good 11 hours ahead of her usual sleep time. She and Ferg did manage to hold out until 8:00 and off to sleep they went. For about two hours, that is, since the excitement of Christmas soon washed over them again. At midnight they were both as wide awake as they normally are at that hour and so they watched some Avatar in bed before finally falling asleep. So much for those plans!!!

Christmas day pics:


Beachbum said...

Totally forgot about crackers! Those are too much fun. I'll make a mental note for next year.

We ended up having our gifts opened Eve night and saved stockings for this am. However, because we had all those cool gifts, we stayed up till 4:30am playing with them! I love their excitement. Even the 10yo was too excited to wait even a second more.

Merry, merry to you all.

Hugs from the gang down south.

Craig said...

Oh wow - 4:30! What were the cool gifts??

gail said...

Such happy pictures. It's fun to see the younger kids celebrating since ours are a bit older now and don't wake up quite so early.

Holiday wishes to you all from Florida..(where it was close to 80 today and Brenna kept the AC going and stayed inside so she could pretend it was cold outside!)

Zenmomma said...

Those kids look pretty darn happy. Gillian too. So wonderful to see! Thanks for sharing.

Love you all!

Rachel said...

I love the combination of kids in pjs and Gillian in formal wear (at least as formal as it gets these days, right?). We forgot about crackers too! I'll have to remember that for next year.