Saturday, 20 December 2008

We're having some weather

With snow still on the ground and much, much more currently falling you would think we live in Canada or something. Actually these are the same systems currently attacking Washington and Oregon, so we're in good company. With high winds also expected for tonight we're on power outage warning and Christmas celebrations tomorrow at Grandma and Grandpa's will most likely have to be postponed. So, we'd better post some photos before things go dark...


Christmas tree:

New ornaments with a certain theme:



Zenmomma said...

Looks wonderful. And I'm glad to see your tree is properly armed against unwanted intruders. Stay safe and warm. Our snow is a big puddle already.

memet said...

Solstice over here might still be an option then???

kelli said...

I'm sorry the snow is causing problems up there. It looks beautiful from my pov. I get excited when it drops below 50 and I can light a fire! ...ugh (ok, you can slap me now!)