Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sunshine, light and that other stuff

Last night I get home with two fresh/ glazed/ sprinkled donuts and a bag of home-cooked, sliced roast beef (yeah, Effie's been into the roast beef lately!?!). AND its scheduled to be "Indy and the Crystal Skull" viewing night. But still it all goes horribly pear-shaped shortly after I get home: Ferg squeezes the donut bag, Effie tries to grab it from him, Effie gets upset about not getting the right donut, Effie says she hates the roast beef and wanted the supermarket version she finished off the night before instead, Ferg gets possessive of the donuts but manages to move on to the new Wii game from the library, Effie locks herself in the bedroom and tells all to go away, Ferg and I can't figure out the stupid Wii game and he throws the controls across the room and tells all to go away (although yelling “go away” is the automatic outlet for frustration around here, it is surprisingly rare to have both kids independently screaming this at the same time). Much flailing about and attempts at negotiations persist until, an hour later, things slowly simmer down. The donuts turn out to be eatable, we watch the crystal skull with much enjoyment, and I comment that although I’m not looking for applause at bringing home the beef (and the donut), it would be nice if I didn’t get yelled at because of them. Gillian claps. Meanwhile, I make a loaf of bread because I figure the $9 in roast beef is going to go to waste and, yum, roast beef sandwiches for me the next day! The night ends with the two of them quietly playing out Indiana Jones together for hours, complete with Russian accents and rapiers. This morning I found the roast beef supply largely decimated. Woe is me.

But now we have bread!


memet said...

Super-cool pic of Ferg leaping into the light!

Zenmomma said...

This is a wonderful post. I want to adopt this as my motto when things don't go as I envisioned them. "But now we have bread!" :o)

Frank said...

You motivated us. MJ and I went to the store today and bought shrimp and a dozen glazed doughnuts.

I don't really like bread very much. We usually have some in the house which lasts until it goes moldy. Then we throw it out and buy some more. Iterate science experiment.

No, we didn't eat the shrimp and doughnuts together, although that could have been tasty. Sweet and hot, ya know. They go together. Cajun boiled shrimp and doughnuts; I can see that working. Really. I *love* eating doughnuts with spicy chili. But the shrimp became General Tso's stir-fried shrimp and the doughnuts were eaten in their pure form. Yuuuummmmm...

Carolyn said...

OK, you made me laugh. Well, snicker, really, because lately if I make too much noise while I'm on the computer and the girls are watching a show on TV (like now) I am told, sometimes nicer than others, to PLEASE STOP making so much noise.

I brought home donuts after a rare and delightful solo grocery shopping trip last Sunday, and the result was much yelling and flinging of things. Perhaps our children are related (or from the same (non earthly) planet). Or maybe they're just OK with sharing their feelings with us. all ended up OK, of course (until I got busted for eating the rest of Vivian's had been sitting on the table for about 3 hours, but really, she was going to finish it...)

Thanks for sharing.