Sunday, 5 October 2008

Ferg bests Tim Booth

So far on their current North American tour, James (the band) have played their new song "I wanna go home" at every one of their 15 concerts. Given that singer Tim Booth repeats the words "I wanna go home" no less than twenty times throughout the song, that's a minimum 300 times that he has expressed this desire to go home within the past 3 weeks.

Big deal! Fergus SHOUTED the words "I wanna go home" well over 300 times in the span of an only one HOUR. Unfortunately for the stress levels of his three traveling companions, he chose to commence this repetitive pronouncement just as we got to our seats near the back of the plane for our scheduled flight from Seattle to Long Beach, CA.

Leading up to our vacation, Fergus had certainly given enough hints that such a reaction was possible (perhaps the strongest hint being "I'm not going"!!!). And some people out there familiar with what's been going on will be a bit curious as to whether we actually made it to our destination or not. So yes, we did make it - barely. Fergus was going along just fine the last few days, right up until we got to our row of seats in fact and he was told that the window seat that he coveted did not belong to us. This was when the "I wanna go homes" and the refusal to get buckled in his seat started up.

Apart from garnering the attention of the entire cabin, all of the circling flight attendants assured us that we were very close to being booted off for delaying the flight and threats to "call the captain" were flying off their tongues fast and furious. But by the time the captain paid us a visit Gillian had somehow managed to squeeze the extremely unhappy boy into his seat (and this was when she told the captain just to get going - very funny in retrospect).

This was not one of our finer moments. Thankfully we had forgiving fellow travelers - one guy told me, after asking "so where is home anyway?", that I was lucky to have such a patient wife. As well, in the end the crew was very understanding - one of them even offered to buy a stiff drink for a visibly harried Gillian. Once we got up to altitude Ferg settled in to his Bakugan and all was well with the world again. Oh, and of course, no one ever did occupy either of the window seats in our row! So although the whole ordeal made me so stressed that my ears felt like they were going to pop off at any moment, Gillian - for whatever reason - had no sympathy for me over there across the aisle with three seats to myself:

As James sing on their version of "I wanna go home", "this too shall pass". Here's hoping that happens prior to our return flight.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes...I was curious. When my boy was 3-5 yrs old, this was my mantra, my catch phrase, my religion..."This too shall pass" I didn't know that it would actually ever 'pass', but it did! I clung to the phrase (sometimes whilst rocking back and forth in a dark corner of my bedroom) for 2+ yrs...and ended up using it less and less. As my boy turns 15 this month, I realize that I haven't used it in years :) Good luck on your way home, and I hope you have fun while you're down there! See you for 'drinks' when you get home Silly Gilly xo

Rachel said...

Oh, I was hoping to hear a bit from you while you are all in Anaheim! Good grief, that sounds like it was very challenging, and I am so relieved that you actually made it to your destination. That was a great post, by the way, and I hope it is okay to say that it was really funny, even though I am sure it was not funny at the time. And who knows? You probably inspired many parents to think about how they would have handled that situation, and perhaps they saw something in the patience and empathy that Gillian exhibited that will give them even the slightest shift in their own parenting.

I would hope that those same flight attendants and captain have seen to it that you have that coveted window seat for your return trip (surely they can pull some strings for you?).

So...the James concert is tonight! I hope they play as many of your wishful set list as possible, and I know you're going to have an added appreciation for "I Wanna Go Home" (hey, there's something to share with Tim Booth when you are pushed toward him by Mary, hee hee). Have an amazing time, and good luck with the rest of your vacation...I look forward to follow up posts. Hugs and kisses to all.

helen said...

this person who wanted to know, is really happy for the update. love your seat, craig ...! hope there is lots of enjoyment ahead ... and perhaps less of a refrain? happy birthday to effie for tomorrow!

memet said...

A well-earned "Congrats on arriving". Will be checking house tomorrow... will inform if there still is a home as if there is not, then you can always calm him down with the gentle words" Fergus, we don't HAVE a home any more."

Beachbum said...

We so feel for you and that whole situation. Hopefully the trip will more than make up for the frazzle of the plane trip! I can't wait to hear about the James concert! We had a blast down it safe to say now?

Ipsa said...

Been thinking about you world travelers and I'm very glad that you got where you were going. And... I can hear exactly the tone of voice Gillian used on that pilot. (And hey, SG, at least it happened on the plane and not on the tarmac!)

And... on the return flight, you'll be able to let the Fergus know that indeed, his wish is being fulfilled! Woo Hoo!

Hoping that the magic place will be a happy time for all.