Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Pull...

...to Corvallis continues strong and relentless this week.

Mary is working overtime trying to seduce us all into making the 7hr drive plus additional ferry & border crossing trip south to Corvallis Oregon (and her happening home and the most jazzing unschooling coffee hang out ever) for Halloween this weekend. This is a have-to event for all radical unschoolers within shooting distance of Corvallis, and even for some dedicated and adventurous souls from much farther away.

Mary's bribe of the day has been a must visit website for us every day this week, as she ups the ante every dang day!

She hooked Effie first day with promises of hot chocolate!! Not that Effie really needed much urging, she was there but for her reclusive family holding her back!

Mary made such a compelling candy lure on Day 3 that Fergus (decidedly homebody Fergus) was spouting such heart warming sentiments as "I am so going there. I will never stop going there!".

Still, the boy is five, full of fickle, somewhat unaware of the meaningful difference between a 2 hr drive and a 7 hr drive, and our last jaunt with him was so much less than enjoyable - in fact we were threatened by representatives from almost all levels of the airline industry hierarchy right up to captain, and then harassed by border patrol to wake him up once we finally resorted to drugging him and were finally enjoying a calm moment - really, you'd think the airlines and border patrol could confer a bit to save me some screaming, but no.

Then on Day 5 Mary ups the ante yet again and starts hammering on yours truly, promising martinis from the holy Jon and and other irresistible treats. Oy Vey, how is a poor mother to resist?!

For a minute there I even forgot about the 7hr drive with the psycho-vomiter!! She is a tough one to refuse is our Mary.

So even though it is 99% certain we will not be rolling our fannies south 2 days from now, we certainly feel loved and missed and cherished and wanted and desired and a whole host of other delicious things. Thank you Mary. I cannot believe you will all be partying without us this year, but Effie is already planning for next year, so that is some small consolation and a testament to her resilient nature! You guys practice up this year for the real thing next year, OK!

We love you all!


Linda said...

And here, with all the traveling you do, I'd gotten the impression that both of you are superheroes. But it turns out that you are human like the rest of us! Which is nice to know.

We will miss you!

Frank said...

Geeze! So my bribes (#1 and #2) are just chopped liver, I suppose? Or, more accurately, they're just chopped beef posing as armadillo flesh?

Well, FINE! Stay in Canada. See if I care. I'll just go eat some worms or something. Well, gummi worms, anyway. Maybe I'll drink Zombie Princess cocktails until I have strange visions and go insane. YOu know what they say about absinthe! Oh, wait, I guess I can't go someplace I already am, huh?

Well, well,... sputter... Harrruummmph! Damnit, I'm gonna miss y'all! Sniff!

balloonatikmama said...

Oh Geez Frank, here I was trying to do this nice thing to thank Mary - it took me 2 days of interruptions to finally pull this post out of my butt - and now I find out I missed your bribes for lack of adequate additional time to peruse blogs? How could I miss armadillo bribes?! You truly are a saint! I laughed and laughed, and I really need a good dose of laughs right now! And some Zombie Princess Cocktails! Could we have it any better than to be surrounded by friends like you! Thank you, we love you and miss you and will be licking our (bloody) wounds this weekend as we sit lonely and sad in our dark quiet (?) house. Have great conversation and amazing hugs on our behalf! xo g

Zenmomma said...

So,um, yeah...I left one more note for your kids on the blog. sniff